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Wednesday, July 7


A new featurette for Thursdays!
Trinket Thursday: Small & Light

♥ ♥ Under The Sea ♥ ♥

1. Octopus Prep Bowl - Ceramic by WildCardPottery
2. Trio of Little Treees - Ceramics by TheLittleRedDoor
3. Strawberry Cheesecake Slice - Favor Box by ImeonDesign
4. Ham and Cheese - Pendant by ShayAaron
5. Bread Baker - Stoneware Pottery by DarriellesClayArt
6. Large Cloud Factory - Ceramic Sculpture by PearsonMaron
7. Brown, Green, Gold - Crocheted Bowls by BlueFibers
8. Balloon Bowls - Porcelain Bowls by LynSwan
9. Teeny Tiny Green Cameo - Ring by SaylorRose
10. Mini Patina Bird - Ceramics by KoalaChickens
11. Late Afternoon - Locket Necklace by Flowerleaf
12. Tiny House - Ceramic by Vishnya
13. Birdie Nesting Bowls - Handmade Pottery by TashaMck
14. Satisfied Mini Art Feeling - Ceramic by ArtMind
15. Rose and Fox - Pincushion by LifePieces
16. Colbalt Blue Necklage - Locket by JooJooLand
17. Mini Mobile in Silver - Mixed Media Sculpture by LeahPellegrini
18. Robot 7 - Miniature Ceramic Friend and Protector by Marathon1981


imeondesign said...

Trinket Thursdays! How wonderful is this?! You're inspiring me to do have something fun like this on my blog!! Thanks so much for including me in your finds :)

ArtTales said...

It actually all surrounded your favor box! I was trying to imagine all the fun things I could find inside :))

I've made a list of fun posts to do every day of the week. The only one I'm missing is Saturday - maybe that will be my day off ;)

Flowerleaf said...

This is such an awesome gathering of trinkets! I think I love every single thing that you featured here and I am honored to be surrounded by so many lovely things! Thanks, Mary!

I am in agreement with imeon as welll...I must think of something like this to do for my blog. That would mean I would have something new to post! ;-)

kate said...

I love this post idea! And this post! Such cute items :)

ArtMind said...

Those Under the sea babushka's are fabulous!
I do 'happy stats' on saturday - a great way to recap all the happy of the past week! ;)

ArtTales said...

That's a great idea ArtMind - perfect way to start the weekend on a happy note!

JooJoo said...

What a lovely collection Mary! I love all of your picks :) That little fox is my favorite! Thanks a lot for featuring my necklace too!

thelittlereddoor said...

oh so lovely, thank you so much for including me here in this wonderful feature with so many of my face etsyans! :) xxoo

Susan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mooshoo said...

ooh! thanks so much for including my nesting dolls! love all the tiny bits of goodies :)

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