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Monday, August 23


Randolph the Monster

Faux fur remnants
Fleece scraps
Vintage button
Recycled plastic shopping bags

After this fellow, I only have enough fur left to make one more! There is some scrap gray/white fur but I will have to play around with it. It's somewhat patterned so I'm not sure if it will look right. But we'll see :))


Virtue Natural said...

Your new monsters rock!!!

cArLa said...

i'd love to give him a hug! what a cutie!

ArtTales said...

Thanks! I really love using fur, my sewing machine isn't too happy about it though ;)

Anonymous said...

he reminds my of sully from monsters inc.!!!

i wish i could huggle him!!

ArtTales said...

I gave him a hug for you ;)

Stacey D said...

He is fantastic!
(I saw your entry in Stuffed - I loved it! Congrats!)

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