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Friday, August 27


This is part 1 of my living room redo. After moving into our new house, we (as in I) decided that our living room needed a facelift. After some insane shopping and feeling like my head might exploded, I've found all the pieces to make it come together. Here is a couple of the pieces that are in place. Part 2 will include the room as a set when my end tables and rug show up.

New Pillows! I covered the old couch pillows with this great fabric from IKEA.

This is our new couch! It wasn't what I started off looking for, but I'm really happy with it. The couch turns into a bed for company and has storage underneath. The ottoman also can be used as a coffee table and has storage on both sides.

** Notice the horrid wood paneling - we plan on painting it to help lighten the room.


kismet1990 said...

Nice couch! Love the versatility!! :-)

sassypackrat said...

LOL! It sure isn't what you started looking at! But oh is it nice! Love the pillows too!

ArtTales said...

Not at all! But I guess my color choice isn't "in" right now ;)

cheeky monkey said...

I love the pillows:) The couch is good, how comfy is it to sit on, is it hard or soft leather?

ArtTales said...

It's really comfy actually and it's faux leather but very sturdy and soft :)

Anonymous said...

got to love faux leather! its great with kids!! great job on teh pillows!

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