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Thursday, August 5


Adopt Trevor

Faux fur remnants
Upcycled fleece blanket
Repurposed corduroy pants
Scrap cotton fabric
Vintage button
Recycled plastic shopping bag

Finally.. I am the proud owner of! It seemed a little confusing to have LEFTZ all over my business cards and such but without a matching domain. For now this will be used as a intro page with links to all my social sites and my etsy shop

In other news moving day is finally getting closer! Time has been going by so slowly and I just want to get this move over with so that I can have my studio back. Even though there is a tiny bit of shag carpeting and some wood paneling, I really like our new apartment!


Alexandra and Julia said...

Congratulations on your "very own" domain:) i love your into page design - very welcoming and cute

ArtTales said...

Thanks so much :))

Anonymous said...

oh! i bought him!!!! cant wait to get him!! love yout work!!

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