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Monday, August 9


... try something new!

Since we are moving this weekend my studio and pretty much everything I own is packed up into boxes awaiting the trip. The move hasn't actually been stressing me out but not being able to sew is driving me crazy. There have been so many projects I have thought up this week, only to remember that they will have to wait a week :(

So to keep myself sane I decided that I wanted to give Needle Felting a try. I've admired this art for awhile and what better time than now to start.

Above is actually the second Needle Felt design I created. A LEFTZ monster complete with his little tooth :D

This was the first official Needle Felt creation (the true first creation was quickly taken apart due to an ugly factor) I named this sparrow Muffin and I think she is pretty cute ;)

So judge away! I really have no idea what I'm doing and any true Needle Felters are more than welcome to offer tips!


Anonymous said...

You know I love the monster. Pretty darn good for the 1st time. Way better then anything I could do. LOL!

sassypackrat said...

Needle felting scares me with those sharp needles! Good for you giving it a try.

ArtTales said...

sassypackrat - I did stab myself and it hurts like the dickens but they do have other needles that lessen your chances of hurting yourself.

Sarah - hehe thanks ;)

I'd like to continue needle felting but I still prefer sewing :))

MAB Jewelry said...

I would love to learn to needle felt, but I think the cats would eat the ingredients.
See, you can do anything! I knew it!

Tess, Gilded Days said...

Good luck with the move! We just did a couple of months ago and it's never the funnest thing. I think your sculptures look really cute!

ArtTales said...

MAB Jewelry - Figgs was actually trying to eat the wool! It's not cheap either o.O

Tess - Thanks! I just want it to be over with.. time is going by so slowly!

Felicia said...

I love him. He's sweet as cake. I've made two felted creatures in my life and it was such a different and groovy experience :)

zeropumpkin said...
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zeropumpkin said...

the monster is so cute..great job :)

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