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Monday, October 11


So, I have been listening to the Craft Sanity podcast since a fellow Plush Team member shared it with me and I'm absolutely in love. Jennifer seems to find the most interesting people that share their love of sewing, design, and crafting with her listeners. I must admit, I wait anxiously for Jennifer to post new episodes, I quickly find a project and settle in.

Podcast 120 is now available and is described as: A day in the life of Chris de Longpre, pattern designer, business owner and self-published author.

Not only does her podcast include great interviews, but her site is full of ideas, tutorials, and Jennifer's weekly travels through the crafting world.

I've been so moved by her podcast and blogs that I decided to sponsor an episode. Jennifer and her husband Jeff walked me through the whole process and really confirmed the quality and hard work that go into each and every episode.

So grab your favorite project, a cool drink, and have a listen


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