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Saturday, October 9


Meet Dottie!!

This fuzzy monster was created from an upcycled faux fur jacket. Since the fur was super thick this gal is completely hand sewn. She is ready to celebrate just about anything with her polka dot party hat and yummy cupcake.

*Note: Several cupcakes were harmed during this project. Those cupcakes were purely for research only and may have included sprinkles.

Dottie is 10 1/2" tall from her feet to tip of her horns and 17" from foot to foot. Her cupcake is 4" tall and created with fleece scraps and upcycled corduroy pants.

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Kira said...

Okay...THIS is my favorite item in your shop now! SO cute! :)

Sarah Halstead said...

How creative. I love these new monsters!

kate said...

So cute! Love the new additions!

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