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Tuesday, November 30

Blog Redo

Hi everyone! After trying to find something on my own blog tonight and failing, I decided it was time to make things simple. So as you can see I've redone everything :) At the top you can now click on my About or Contact page for more information and everything else can be found to the right.

Let me know your thoughts! If you like it, tell me! If you hate it, tell me, but be nice I might cry. Also if you see any random mistakes or errors, point them out.. ok time to sleep ;)


Anonymous said...

I really love it!!

sassypackrat said...

Clean and simple is always better.

Kira said...

I like that you don't have to click through to see the full post anymore. :)

LEFTZ said...

Great! Kira the started to irritate me too and I had to resize every image to fit which took up way too much time.

I do see a couple bugs with the share buttons bellow the posts.. will try to fix those today :)

emily b said...

I think it looks great, and is organized really well. It is much more clean, which keeps the reader focused on your latest post. Great job!

One thing - your new Winter Issue of Stuffed reads "2010"...should be "2011". :)

LEFTZ said...

Thanks Emily - fixed!

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