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Friday, November 5


I decided to redo my packaging photo. What do you think?

Gummy Worm - "G" for the Plush Team's Banner at the HotPop Gallery in Milwaukee.

This faux fur was donated by Christina - thank you again! You can visit her shop here

This week has gone by so fast. For some reason I keep thinking it's Tuesday. I am officially done with my plush for Young Blood. All that is left is printing out new tags and finding a box the size of Spain to ship them in ;)

So with those 2 projects out of the way I can finish my plush for the gallery showing in Jan and finally get down to some serious plush creation for my Etsy shop.

Hope everyone had a good week and I hope you enjoy your weekend!


Sarah Halstead said...

I like the gummy warm. Cute. Love your new packaging photo too. :)

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