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Tuesday, February 22

What I'm watching:

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When I am working I constantly need background noise and the perfect thing I've found are TV series on NetFlix. Oldies on the radio work fine too but they tend to repeat after a few hours.

Do you listen to or watch anything while you work? Or does the house need to be dead silent for productivity to kick in?


PonderandStitch said...

Oh, yay- I love Roseanne!

Usually when I'm cutting fabric I'm watching DVDs of The Office.

Lrc said...

I love Roseanne too! I just saw her on Oprah the other day and was reminded of the coolness of that show. I had a serious addiction to Buffy but I'd really recommend Daria.

Kira said...

I watch the Cartoon Network series "Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends". I have all 6 seasons on iTunes. :)
(I was so sad when they canceled it! I think it was the last good original series Cartoon Network made.)

I also watch Fraggle Rock and the Muppet Show (pretty much anything by Jim Henson). I also like Hayao Miyazaki's work, like Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle.

emily b said...

I've been watching classic Beverly Hills 90210. I had never seen it when it was on originally, and now I'm hooked. And there are like 250 episodes!

LEFTZ said...

Lrc my husband loves that and Angel. I watched a few episodes of both and liked Angel more.

Kira I've heard of that show but I don't think I've ever seen an episode.

Emily lol I did the same with Dawson's Creek. Never really watched it while it was on but ended up watching the whole series. It was good for the most part ;)

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