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Monday, March 21

Dino Tote

While doing a lot of traveling with my sewing machine the past few months, I decided that I needed a tote. While with my mom, I found this cute dino print fabric and decided it was time.

I created this without a pattern so it isn't perfect. I added pockets on the outside and it is reversible!

I measured my sewing machine, leaving an inch or so for clearance, and added room for the smaller tote (which I did not make) The smaller tote will hold my tools, thread, etc.

The bottom is a sturdy upholstery fabric and heavy duty cardboard was inserted between the layers to hold up to the weight. The longer sides also contain cardboard inserts, leaving the sides free so it's collapsible when I'm not using it.

The inside color picks up on the accents in the dinos and the bottom is lined with gray denim. Chances are I will never make one of these again.. it wasn't hard coming up with the design but making sure I didn't sew threw cardboard and break a needle was a little scary :p


Anonymous said...

I love it! Looks great!!

emily b said...

Wow, great job Mary! I'll bet this is going to come in handy for the big retreat! :)

Bonnie said...

I save worn out cutting mats and cut them for bag bottoms. They are sturdier than cardboard and last forever.

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