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Sunday, April 24

Crafty Planet Underwater

Crafty Planet invited me and several other plush artist to create a one of a kind window display.

Contributing artists:

The backdrop panels by Crafty Planet Crew member Adrienne
Giant octopus by Jessica of Plushroom Soup
Felt fish by Crafty Planet Crew member Mary
The awesome turte by Plush Team member Anne-Claire of Hibou Cards
Jellyfish by Crafty Planet Crew member Susan
Anenome by CP Crew Member Lisa, Clown Fish by Diana, seaweed by Lisa's daughter, ship wheel proided by Captain Adrienne
Tiny octopus by Crafty Planet customer, chest with booty on loan from Bob
Starrrfish, plants, and rock by Plush Team member Mary of LEFTZ
Seahorse by Plush Team member Chris of Chris Creatures
Angler Fish with LED by Crafty Planet Crew member Tia

See the window display in person by visiting Crafty Planet!
2833 Johnson Street Northeast
Minneapolis, MN 55418


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