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Tuesday, April 5

Just for me

I decided that I needed some "me" sewing time, so I recreated my 8ft alligator. If you remember the original was created out of fleece and stuffed with plastic bags. But during a lull in plastic bag availability I chopped the poor guy up. So when my birthday came around this year my sister gave me a gift card to Joanns. I've had my eye on their green/brown fur for awhile. Last night I worked on creating a new alligator and I'm really happy with how he turned out. He is super soft and I plan on using him as a movie pillow since he is just over 5ft long.

His eyes were a real treat to work on. The buttons I used were from a coat I found at a Michigan thrift store last year and I've been saving them for this project. Surprisingly enough my sewing machine didn't have a hard time going through the many layers of fur. So all in all the project went smoothly :)

R.I.P. Mr. Alligator

My studio is full of little fun things including this salt shaker.
Along with his pepper partner, he was just too cute to pass up.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


fal00la said...


imeondesign said...

Holy schmoly that is just awesomeness wrapped in, well, awesomeness!!

Lrc said...

Love your new alligator--his fur is splendid and the eyes too! Its good to make projects just for yourself. I bet he is sooo cuddly!

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