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Tuesday, September 29

In The Works

Imagine trying to work with this all over your walls:

I couldn't work or relax with the jungle themed walls. I orginally thought the space was 20'x10' with a 10'x10' alcove.. but my hubby suggested it was more like 30'x15' The only wall we've removed paper from is the alcove.. and I've decided that it would be easier next time to just buy a new house then it would be to take wallpaper down.
Plans are to paint it a neutral color, probably in the cream/tan family. Then when everything is done (8 years from now) it's an IKEA shopping spree for me!


hdawnparratt said...

you got rid of that beautiful ivy are you nuts hehheheeheh just kidding :)

ArtTales said...

I know.. I have absolutely no taste ;)

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