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Wednesday, September 30

Studio In Progress

"I thought you said you were taking the wallpaper down?" HAHAHA...

The wallpaper never seems to end! After spending ALL DAY moving furniture to take down the next section, I realized something... I have orders to do and nowhere to do them.. so here is my makeshift studio.

Funny thing is that we have been spending all week taking wallpaper down so I wouldn't have to stare at it.. hmm guess that didn't work out so well.

Anyway... hopefully my husband will keep on truckin' and just paint around me until I am able to help again. But I am not doing anything else today. I am tired.. my pets are mad at me because I've ignored them, I'm hungry, and my lungs are full of dust and paint fumes.

It's been a good day. ;)

Now go love a o.X


ArtTales said...

Thanks :) My camera is broken.. I want to cry. I think my webcam takes decent shots lol.

Hopefully I can get some good picss of the cute tins I found to hold my scissors and pencils :D

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