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Wednesday, October 28

My 8ft Alligator

As the world slept, well the normal people, I apparently didn't. This "little" guy is my newest creation. Why you may ask? Well why the heck not! Big Al is 8ft 4 1/4" of pure plush. Just like all my other LEFTZ he is made with fleece and stuffed with recycled plastic shopping bags. To give you an idea of how big 8ft is.. it took over 500 bags to stuff him.

He isn't for sale at the moment. I think he is too fun to get rid of ;)


Bethany said...


I absolutely love and adore him!!! AAAARGH!

*I have so much love for this item!*


ThePaperAddict said...

LOL Big Al is a BEAST 8ft is huge! Haha but he's awesome! How would you ship him if he was for sale?? Who knows, there could be a market for lifesize plush animals:)

ManicMuffin said...

Wow, Big Al is amazing!!!
I love him :)

Holly said...

You are my hero. :) hehe~

Now to get to work on my elephant....should I start sending you bags to stuff him now? :P

Anonymous said...

He turned out perfect, what's next? :)

ArtTales said...

I REALLY want to make an elephant, but I think the next might be a little smaller than that. Maybe a whale ;)

zeropumpkin said...

lol holy..the big is awesome :D so cool!

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