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Tuesday, December 1

Frosted the Dragon UPDATE

Frosted is now available!

Frosted the Dragon isn't happy unless temperatures are below -40F. She enjoys eating Christmas trees and couch cushions.

This Frosted Dragon is made from a pale blue fleece, has vintage button eyes, and is stuffed with recycled plastic shopping bags.

She is a little 14 1/2" from bottom to tip of her horns, 25" from the tip of her feet to the tip of her tail, and has a 18" wingspan.

Her accents are a cotton blend of rainbow speckles and she has maroon spikes running from her head to her tail.

Find her and other fun creatures in my Etsy Shop


mkdreambig said...

OMG, LMAO that he loves eating Christmas trees & couch cushions. I love your imagination!!!

ArtTales said...

hehe thanks.. I thought if I was a dragon what would I love to eat ;)

hdawnparratt said...

i think this is your best yet!!!

ArtTales said...

Thanks hd! I haven't seen you in forever. Where have you been hiding?

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