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Tuesday, December 1

New Banner

Hey all!

I've spent today being lazy and productive. I think it evens out in the end..

All of our Christmas decorations have been put up, tree, ornaments, AND outside lights. The weather was brisk so I did it in record time.

After taking a 2 hour break :p I made a few changes to my Etsy shop. Which got me to thinking about my banner. I enjoyed the plain/minimal feel, but it didn't express me or my work. So I picked my newest LEFTZ as the star!

This guy was the first plush to anger me. Why may you ask? He's a simple design... It started out as a baby seal hehe.. then I decided to make it a cat. After that it all went bad. He looked plain with just the basic white tummy, he didn't look good with clothes, and I even tried making a tutu. Then I realized something, I was trying to create something that wasn't me. It wasn't what I wanted. I took a breather and let him tell me his story. I adjusted his tummy and stitched him up. As soon as I did, he came to life! His charcater showed through and he was done.

Anyway what do you guys and gals think of my new banner? I also changed the one in my Etsy Shop

Ok enough of my crazy plush rant :p Shouldn't you be doing something productive?


Holly said...

He's amazing! :) What's his naaaaame? :) I love his stitched up belly, and I really like the feel of the new banners. :)

ArtTales said...

His name is Appendix.. the vet didn't stitch him up very well ;) said...

I think Appendix is great, and the banners look really good. Good job! Way to follow your instincts and listen to your LEFTZ! :D

mkdreambig said...

Appendix is great!!!! Love the new banner!!!

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