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Wednesday, February 10


I thought it was only fitting that my newest plush be snow related.

Meet Frost!

Frost is a baby plush rat. Frost used to be a lovely gray rat, but one day he decided that he would venture out into the snow. Poor Frost got stuck in a big snow drift and turned a lovely shade of blue.

Frost the Rat is a little over 9" tall. He is made from fleece, has a layered vintage button eye, and is stuffed with recycled plastic shopping bags. His accents and tail are made from cotton fabric.

By purchasing this LEFTZ you have helped recycle: 17 plastic bags

Find Frost and other eco friendly plush in my Etsy Shop


Flowerleaf said...

Poor Frost!! Maybe one day he will thaw? ;-)

So very always! :-D

ArtTales said...

Not anytime soon with this weather!

Farrielle Design and Fashionista said...

Frost is super cute, I love it . The colors are the right color, sooo cute. You are so talented.

ArtTales said...

Farrielle Design you always have the nicest things to say! Thanks so much :)

mkdreambig said...

omg i love frost! yes perfect for this type of weather!

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