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Wednesday, February 10

A New Journey

Each week I will be exploring, with you, exciting eco artists. I hope that the new discoveries, from turning trash to treasure, will shed some light on being creative. In my upcoming research I hope that I can captivate you with design and color, bringing together old with new, and lively hood vs hobby.

The journey begins on Friday and may include:

                                          □ Eco Friendly Etsy Artists
                                          □ Eco Driven Teams
                                          □ Local Eco Artists
                                          □ Groups and Organizations
                                          □ Trash To Treasury Addicts
                                          □ Plus More!

If you know of a local or online eco artist that you would love to see reviewed, please contact me via any of the quick links on the right -> or by leaving a comment. I can't promise I will get to everyone's request but I will try!


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