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Thursday, March 18


You can't continue a tribe without girls! These 3 gals are the newest in my Tribal Collection

Cooties are not included with your purchase. (Please see a boy for complete cooties package)


Virtue Natural said...

How can you tell she's a girl? I want to be sure so I can make an informed purchase...

ArtTales said...

lol! I think if I took those pictures, it might turn into plush porn o.X

Anonymous said...

I can tell she is a girl; she is wearing skirt.

If it's a boy, he will be wearing his 'ancient' underwear instead of these 'hawaii' skirt!

And I am sure I am very correct ;D Because I follow your blog and etsy shop lol! Right? ArtTales? LOL!

Boy or girl, I love all of them ;D

ArtTales said...

hehe Sophine has the right idea ;)

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