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Thursday, March 18


Instead of going to bed (even though I can't remember when I slept last) I had a hankerin' to make a trout. This trout is a little different from the rest with heart shaped fins and a rounded face.

Fun back story on his fabric: His accents are made from pajamas! My friend Kellie, gave me footed pj's that didn't fit her son. (Yes I tried them on - I want footed pj's so bad!) They didn't fit me, so they became a fish. That's normal right? ;)


stacey yacula studio said...

So, you couldn't sleep ... creative juices flowing and even used the footed PJ's ... of course it's normal.... or is it?
I just know that creative minds don't beat at the same drum as others!
You have created another lovely little stuffie!

ArtTales said...

Lol that is so true ;)

Spacejams Vintage said...

what a cute fish=)
but sometimes you need a rest. Take care, or you will run out of pjs=)

Bethany said...

You have been awarded with a blog award! Take a peek:

Congrats for your beautiful blog!
~ Bethany x

mkdreambig said...

omg, you tried them on...LMAO!!!!

ArtTales said...

Haha I so did. If I was 4ft tall they would have fit too :p

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