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Thursday, March 11


... "My name is Noemi" - Noemi has one a Plush Tribal w/drum! Congratulations!!

With a total of 150 entries - this was by far the biggest giveaway I've held. Thanks to everyone who entered!

If you have an idea of what you would like to see in the March/April giveaway, leave a comment here.

Winner was chosen completely by random at


Since its the beginning of a new giveaway, that also means it's time for new advertisers. Each month I pick different Etsians to promote their shop down the sides of my blog. Totally for free. It gives everyone a chance to find a new medium where they can promote.

I ask that you comment on this forum thread so that I can keep everyone organized. Also if you have already promoted on my blog, please wait a least a month to request space again. Lets give everyone a shot!


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