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Thursday, March 11


Or should I say "Art's Walls"

Finally I have had some time to hang up most of the art I have purchased from some really lovely Etsy artists. There a still a few blank spots until I can find the perfect frames.

This fun mixture is a great addition to my studio and together it seems to prove how random I actually am ;)


stacey yacula studio said...

I love your studio & all the wonderful.
You have inspired me!

Holly said...

Oooooh purdy :) I am so jealous of your studio, and of your organization..... :)

Bethany said...'s beautiful! How could you not be creative in that enviornment?!


ArtTales said...

I just hung it up ;) but thanks!

sassypackrat said...

Looks great! I have so much to hang up too but can never find the frames I want cheap.

ArtTales said...

Sassypackrat I got mine at different thrift shops. You might want to try that or if you have any closeout stores. We have a place called Ollie's they get all the leftovers from K-mart, dollar store etc.

Lrc said...

I have found some awesome frames at Goodwill because sometimes they get new ones from some frame store...I love the cleanness of your studio!

zeropumpkin said...

:D i love it! your wall so much nicer then mine lol i arrange it messy ..well u know lazy peoples do things, & thats me :P

Anonymous said...

wow...very lovely and cozy, I love your studio ;D

ArtTales said...

I'd love to own a large space someday that can be openly used by all.

I heard about a place in CA where they supply basically all things crafty and you just pay a fee. There's tons of long tables and beautiful large windows.

There really isn't anything like that around here, dedicated to crafting.

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