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Saturday, March 13


Quick post of a new tribal I was working on tonight. She is made from upholstery fabric, satin, cotton fabric, and fleece. Her skirt is made from vintage trim I found at a cute little shop near Lancaster, PA I was able to get a bolt of it for $2.98. I haven't measured it yet, but I'm guessing its about 4 yards.

She will be posted tomorrow, but until then, I am going to bed. Its been another long day. o.X


Virtue Natural said...

Oh dear goodness (let's see, how many more "grandma" exclamations do I have?)! That's too cool. You're so clever!

Lrc said...

lovely fabrics! I like the flowers on her skirt and horn(?)

ArtTales said...

Thanks everyone :)

Lrc tribals are tree creatures so it would be her branch ;)

stacey yacula studio said...

Love the added touch of the flower at the back.
Your attention to detail is wonderful!

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