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Wednesday, April 7


Today was probably one of the longest days of my life. It wasn't planned that way at all. My husband and I were supposed to go his Aunt's house to work on her computer, no big deal. Her house is 2.5 hours from here, but the weather was nice. We didn't leave early as planned, we actually left around noon.

I hate being late anywhere so that was the first problem. Secondly, I didn't eat anything so I started getting.. rude.. after a ride that seemed to take forever, we reached her home. Amazingly enough my husband forgot the disks he needed so the trip became annoying quickly. To save my sanity we stopped in at a vintage store that we passed on the way there.

The place was amazing! I instantly wanted everything. It felt like I fell into an Etsy shop. Her prices were unbeatable! The red case was only $5 and of course I snatched up the buttons as soon as I saw them. We spent a lot of time in there talking with the owner and shopping.

Also, I grabbed a quick photo of my favorite church in the whole entire world. This church sits next to a huge mountain. I always stop there to rest, when I'm on my scooter, before making the trek up the mountain. It's really breathtaking.

After the long ride home, I was finally able to get something to eat (around 6pm) I am now exhausted. The vintage store really saved the day.


Me said...

Awww nothing like a great ending to a horrible start!

Virtue Natural said...

In these few paragraphs I experienced laughter, dismay, dejection, frustration, joy, and peace. Good grief! What day you had! I need a stiff drink... :)

ArtTales said...

Virtue, I am with you! What are you pouring? ;)

Virtue Natural said...

A White Russian. I'm a nerd. I need sweet (but potent) things. :) Do you have a fav? :)

stacey yacula studio said...

Your husband is smart... Nothing takes the edge off a hungry belly & a don't want to be late kind of gal like a stop at a vintage store. If I was there hungry & bothered by being late... ( which totally describes me) I would of wrestled you for those buttons. lol ! I guess a trip to his aunts will always include a little stop at the vintage store. Yeah for you!
It is always nice to have something wonderfully pleasantly show up when you are not quiet yourself.

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