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Wednesday, April 7


This is a recreation of my original design. The previous pelican was mounted on a natural wood mount and able to be hung on the wall. But I decided that he needed to come in a more huggable size :)

I absolutely loved making Percy and I hope he makes you smile :)


sassypackrat said...

I exclaimed in delight when I saw this! Adorable! I know you were asking the other day for ideas of plush to about a flamingo?

ArtTales said...

Perfect :) people keep giving me pink material (I hate pink!)

Me said...

Oh my gosh!!!! Why must you make things that are cute? It's adorable!!!

ArtTales said...

lol I'm sorry Noemi, I'll stop making cute things :p

Lyudmila said...

At first I thought it was a duck. But it has a funny nose. And this pelican!. Very original idea!

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