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Sunday, April 18


As I sat at my sewing table today, I was thinking about my fish, Henry. I don't often ponder about my fish but today was an exception. We bought Henry for 25 cents at a pet store. He was meant to be a feeder fish but I rescued him and today he has grown into something of a monster. But poor henry is alone and needs a friend. Thinking about the friends I could get for him brought me to the subject of Hermit Crabs. When I was little they scared me, I'm not really sure why. So I decided that I would make a plush version and I think Hector has done his job and cured me of my fear of crabs.

Today I was given a bag of clothes and directly went into sewing mode. Out popped Chip. He will be the last of his kind for awhile, as I think I am now addicted to Hermit Crabs.


MAB Jewelry said...

Okay, the crab is delightful!

cArLa said...

oh hector is sooo cute! i love him!

ArtTales said...

Thanks :)) I really had no idea how to make him and the pictures of the hermit crabs were kinda freaking me out :p

out of the frame said...

he is cute and funny too! quite a character!

Kelly Irene said...

Ah these little guys are adorable! Chip looks clumsy and like he didn't mean to lose his eye or part of a tentical. Hector looks like he knew exactly what he was doing, that mischevious little fella. so very cute!

PepperPi said...

Oh I just love Hector! He's adorable! He's the first plush hermit crab I've ever seen...fab idea!


zeropumpkin said... them all.cute!

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