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Tuesday, April 20


Dale was a previous design of mine, which I hadn't made in a long time. Now he is back and ready for a new home. I created him with lots of fun textures and colors, including repurposed fleece blankets and knit shirts.

Dale's mini bio:
"Dale's nervous attitude keeps him from enjoying even the simplest things. He barely made it away from a shark and has the scars to prove it."


Me said...

Oh no, a shark attack victim how tragic! Dale must be rescued!!

Flowerleaf said...

SAD!!! Dale is the name of one of my uncles, but he was never attacked by a shark. Hahaha.

Cute little guy, that Dale penguin? ;-)

ArtTales said...

He's one tough bird ;)

stacey yacula studio said...

Poor Dale!
okay can your pieces get any cuter?

ArtTales said...

Lets hope so Stacey! I'm going for cute overload ;)

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