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Thursday, April 22


Here is a simple and fun spring project that can bring a little brightness to any space while reusing leftover materials.

You will need:

Wire Cutters
Scissors Or Table Knife
Double Sticky Tape
Buttons of varying size and color
22 or 24 gage Wire
A mini vase, empty coffee can, mug, or container that needs a new use.

First, start by choosing an item that will hold your mini flower garden. I chose this adorable whale from Fruit Fly Pie originally it was meant to hold toothpicks, but I think its the perfect size for this project.

Cut a piece of Styrofoam that will lay in the bottom of your vase. If your piece is a little too small or moves around too much, place a piece of double sticky tape on the bottom.

For my vase, I cut my wire into 6" and 8" pieces. Depending on the height of your vase, you might want to cut your wire longer or shorter, remembering that the shorter your stem, the better chance it has of standing up on its own.

Thread your wire through your largest button first, then choosing contrasting colors, thread up to 3 more buttons.

Take the wire and thread it back down through the other holes, creating a loop at the top. Pull the wire snuggly, until the loop is tight against the button. Twist the shorter end of the wire underneath the buttons to secure them.

Repeat these steps and create as many flowers as you want! Once you have filled your work space with flower buttons, take each one and stick them into your Styrofoam mount. Arrange them so that they are different heights and matching colors aren't next to each other. Place your mounted flowers into your vase and enjoy your creation.


mooshoo said...

awww look at you with your teeny tiny button flowers! hehe
very cute!

and simple enough for even kids;)

Me said...

Wow, you're fast!!! That's such a cute arrangement. Thanks for posting this :)

cArLa said...

that's is super cute! i have to give it a try one day... thanks!

Virtue Natural said...

How beautiful! You're so clever, Mary! (Do you ever get sick of hearing that?) :) This is way cool, and I'm going to give it a try this weekend. Let's see how far I get...

ArtTales said...

Aww hehe I didn't invent the flower button but thanks ;)

fruitflypie said...

Aww it is darling and so sweet!

Pikithins said...

I like that huge jar of buttons you got there...=takes jar and walks away=


ArtTales said...

You better be just borrowing those missy ;)

MAB Jewelry said...

What a sweet and wonderful idea! You are fab.

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