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Tuesday, April 27


I will be on vacation until May 9th. If you fall in love and adopt one of my plush while I am away, they will be shipped out on May 10th. I will still be able to receive and answer conversations/e-mails if you have any questions.

Also, my tribals will be out of stock unfortunately until I can return. The Plush Team will be attending the Maker Faire on May 22nd and 23rd in San Mateo, CA and I'm sending the last of my stock to them! But don't worry, during my "vacation" I will be create more tribals to take their spot and will be listing them starting May 10th.

See you soon!


Farrielle Design and Fashionista said...

Have a great vacation you deserve it:)

MAB Jewelry said...

You have a wonderful, fun vacation!

ArtTales said...

Thanks gals! Everything is packed in the car and I'm ready for bed ;)

Bethany said...

Hello! Got a blog award for you over here:


Enjoy your holiday!

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