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Monday, August 30


This guy makes me smile :D <- see? I love dinos and regret selling my first one to this day. But it gives me a really good feeling to know that, even though my original design was made last year, I can still recreate him and he still has that playful spark in his eye.

This T-Rex was created out of a thrift store blanket I purchased at my favorite shop right before we moved. So I find it fitting that my favorite shop provided the material for my new favorite plush... I know, I know, I say this every time I post a new plush. Each one is just as cute as the next but there's something about a guy with big feet that drives this girl crazy ;)

New Tags

This week has been interesting to say the least. Stress in the real world and online has made me take a step back and really think about where my life is going. So through lessons learned this week I have decided that I need to change my mindset. I want to start everyday as if it were a jumping off point.

I'm sure you've noticed that since we've moved my plush creation has gone down in numbers. The stress and excitement of the move really took a toll on me (more so than I thought it would) But I think I'm finally beginning to relax and get back to what I enjoy = creating things. So as I thought about the joy I find in my work, I thought about the joy that others find in my plush. That thought process led to my packaging. When someone receives my plush, what is their first thought? I want to continue to discover the fun of reusing items and I want to portray that in my packaging too. So you will hear it here first!

New packaging:

  • The continue reuse of boxes.

  • Plush will now come wrapped in 100% recycled tissue paper or 100% recycled brown paper (from the reuse of paper shopping bags)

  • Packages will be tied with twine (this has many uses after the package is opened)

  • Hanging tags on plush AND packages will be printed on Eco Highlights paper (FSC certified fiber from well managed forests)

  • Thank you cards - Envelopes made with 100% recycled fiber - Cards made with 35% recycled fiber - Printed with nontoxic soy-based ink.

  • And my plush will continue to be created with scrap fabric, thrift store clothing, and donated materials, plus stuffed with recycled shopping bags.

My goal with my plush is not to push RECYCLE in your face, my goal is to create works of art and prove that recycling can be cute.

-- So what's your goal? How can you take a step back from whatever bad has happened in the past week and turn it into something that you can adapt to and use to your advantage?


Anonymous said...

Oh fantastic! I've been meaning to make a note in both my shops that I will be using packaging items that are one or combo of - biodegradable, recycled or reused.

ArtTales said...

That's great! It's not all about "saving the planet" either. The paper I bought today for my tags was actually -cheaper- than everything else. I save hundreds of dollars by using recycled shopping bags in my plush instead of polyfil too. It's the little things, like using scraps of fabric, that can save big. Especially when times are tough financially. Instead of giving up a craft, figure out how to make it work for you. Use this time as a challenge!

sassypackrat said...

I like your mindset! The tags are awesome and now I really feel I have to re-do mine!

Anonymous said...

Love the new tags. :D Love the T-Rex too! So cute!

Anonymous said...

just got my trevor today and cant wait to get another so he has a friend!

love the tags, and the new guy! he is too cute.

ArtTales said...

That's great to hear :)) Give him a big hug for me! said...

Peanut is still my favourite one-eyed friend. He's always giving me this "look" with his one eye that creeps out my boyfriend and makes me laugh.

ArtTales said...

lol! That's awesome, whenever I can creep someone out or make them smile, it's a good day ;)

Cat (darklingwoods) said...

Hes so cute! Love that he's made from a loved blanket too!

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