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Friday, November 12


This weeks thrift store finds

I'm in love with the buttons on this jacket! They are about 1.5"

Cute wool skirt in plaid

Fuzzy Pillows


Women's plaid blazer

This jacket was a steal! After getting home I realized that it still had it's original tags from JCPenny. It retailed for $86.

Another fun skirt.

I can't wait to cut into these!


Sarah Halstead said...

Great finds. Wish we lived closer to go thrift store shopping together. :) You always find great stuff.

Lrc said...

niiice finds, I love thrifting when I'm in the mood for it. Thank gods for those people with the disposable income to give hardly worn clothes!

LEFTZ said...

Gah! I know some of the things people consider "trashable" are worth a lot of money or great for projects. Maybe they just aren't as artistic as the rest of us ;)

Sarah we need to visit the thrift stores around my parent's house they are much better! Plus there are a lot more. We drove for over an hour today just to be disappointed with what they had :(

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