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Thursday, September 2



This fuzzy guy was created out of a faux fur vest I found at a thrift store. Yep I said it, a fur vest. I'm not really sure what century that would have been fashionable, but someone had the sense to donate it, and I snatched it up without a second thought ;)

Muffy - SOLD

Today was the day of cats. This gal was created with wool pants - another fashion faux pas that I quickly snatched and gave new life.

Tom - SOLD

Tom the cat was created with knit pants given to me by Husband's Grandma. It's always fun visiting because I either walk away with bags of clothes or homemade cheesecake ;) Either way I win!


Anonymous said...

mmmm. . . .grams cheese cake. .. yum!! love muffy she looks like a lumber jacks cat

ArtTales said...

Her cheesecake is addicting!

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